Australia may send up to 400 additional troops to Iraq

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Australia may send up to 400 additional troops to Iraq

Up to 400 additional Australian troops could be sent to Iraq to train local forces but will remain "behind the wire" on bases where the chief danger would be insider attacks, Fairfax Media has been told. Following a request from Washington for …
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UK to Increase Support to Iraqi Forces Fighting Islamic State

British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, center, and Minister of Peshmerga Affairs Mustafa Said Qadir, in the red beret, visit a training camp for Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in Arbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq …
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Iraq's Kurdish Peshmerga Forces Enter Syria's Kobani To Fight ISIS

U.S. forces stepped up air strikes on Islamic State positions in an apparent bid to help clear the way for the peshmerga. U.S. Central Command said there had been 10 strikes near Kobani since Wednesday, hitting two small insurgent units and destroying …
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Iraq claims key victory over ISIS

Iraq's army and security forces have partially regrouped after melting away in the face of the summer's ISIS offensive. In recent weeks, they recaptured a string of small towns and villages, but taking Beiji would be strategically significant in what …
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