Egypt braces for nationwide anti-government protests

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Egypt braces for nationwide anti-government protests

… killed scores of security personnel since Morsi's ouster. Many of these attacks have taken place in the north of the Sinai Peninsula where Egypt's Islamists have joined hands with the Sunni militant group, "Islamic State," which controls parts of …
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Karbala, the New Iraq

I visit Iraq three or four times per year, going to different areas each time. Earlier this year, for example, I have visited Kirkuk, Erbil, and Sulaymani in Iraqi Kurdistan; Tikrit, Beiji, and Mosul in Iraq's Sunni Arab belt; and, of course, Baghdad …
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U.S. Call To Fight Militants Stirs Bitter Memories For Iraq's Sunnis

If President Obama's plan to battle Islamic State militants by bringing Iraq's Sunnis on board to fight sounds oddly familiar, that's because it is. When the U.S. faced a raging insurgency by Sunni militants — then called al-Qaida in Iraq — seven …
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