— File photo by Reuters

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— File photo by Reuters

In certain parts of Iraq under siege by the Islamic State, the militias continued the fight even after US-led coalition air strikes shifted to other targets. They did this primarily by attacking Sunnis who didn't flee the Islamic State advance …
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Islamic State Massacres Stir Unrest Among Iraq's Sunni Tribes

After a few months of calm ushered in by a truce between Iraq's Al Jubur tribe and Islamic State, came the curfew and the disappearances. The two groups had battled for control of al-Alam town, north of Baghdad, over several weeks in June. Sunni tribal …
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Iraqi Shiites join Sunnis to fight Islamic State

The Islamic State (IS) mainly relies on the sectarian conflict to create a favorable ground for its so-called caliphate. Unlike its al-Qaeda counterpart, IS has adopted a sectarian agenda as a permanent and fundamental strategy. The instigation of a …
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