How would a deal between al-Qaeda and Isil change Syria's civil war?

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How would a deal between al-Qaeda and Isil change Syria's civil war?

This, in turn, will affect the overall strategy of the United States in the Syrian conflict. Up until now, in fact, the official policy of the US administration has been to use air power to degrade and disrupt Al-Nusra and Isil capabilities and …

The Syrian War Goes On

Real world Syria was dimly recognized and not accepted by western leaderships and their security strategists, in just another unfortunate example of the stumble-to-war process that is now heavily analyzed, discussed and reported, retrospectively, as …
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Canada is at war with ISIS, not Syria, Stephen Harper says

On the eve of a G20 summit in Australia expected to focus in part on the crisis in Syria and Iraq, Stephen Harper says Canada does not support war on the Syrian government or any Middle East nation — only war against the Islamic State of Iraq and …

Syria conflict: UN's Staffan de Mistura hopeful

The UN mediator in the Syrian conflict, Staffan de Mistura, has told the BBC he believes there is a fresh opportunity to resolve the country's crisis. He said truce measures may be favourable to moderate rebels and government forces as they face a …
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