Illogical Logic of Our Iraq Policy

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Illogical Logic of Our Iraq Policy

We have fomented civil war in Iraq. We have probably fomented internecine war in the Muslim world between the Shias and the Sunnis." After opening the hornet's nest by going into Iraq in the first place, we are now in the "then what" phase, as one of …
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Rep. Palazzo questions Obama's strategy for stopping Islamic State

Administration officials contend that U.S. aerial bombings of the Islamic State, in combination with Iraqi forces, can contain and ultimately defeat the Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL. Palazzo asked Dempsey whether the administration …

American author: U.S. 'helped created the conditions for why the Islamic State

At Erlich's Northampton talk titled "Isis, Assad, Obama and the new Mid East Wars," the journalist said that prior to the U.S. invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq begun under President Bush, there was no Islamic State. … "They were so …
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