Iraq forces and militants battle for control of Baiji

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Iraq forces and militants battle for control of Baiji

Iraqi officials said Tuesday that government forces had captured Baiji after fierce battles for the city, home to the nation's largest oil refinery, but anti-government militants insisted they remained in control. Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled Obeidi …
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Islamic State crisis: Australian special forces get Iraq clearance

Australian special forces are finally moving into Iraq more than a month after arriving in the Middle East. Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the 200 troops would be helping Iraqi forces in the fight against Islamic State (IS). A prolonged legal and …
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Canadian Forces conduct 2nd round of airstrikes in Iraq, targeting ISIS artillery

Canadian Forces have carried out additional airstrikes in Iraq, as part of the coalition mission against ISIS militants. The airstrikes were focused on an area near Baiji, Iraq, about 200 kilometres north of Baghdad, and are believed to have taken out …
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