ISIL razes Shia shrines, Sunni mosques in Iraq

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ISIL razes Shia shrines, Sunni mosques in Iraq

A video footage, which was released on Tuesday, shows ISIL militants bulldozing and blowing up several Sunni and Shia holy sites in Iraq's Salahuddin province. Meanwhile, ISIL terrorists also blew up the historical St. George's church in the city of Mosul.
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Lebanese army makes strides in Tripoli

… undoubtedly confirmed that the Lebanese Sunni community — particularly in Tripoli — does not offer fertile soil for terrorism. However, this does not mean that Lebanon is safe from the dangers from the east, coming from countries such as Syria …
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Nemesis: The Shadowy Iranian Training Shia Militias in Iraq

When Haider al Abadi, a moderate Shia was designated prime minister last August, it was with the promise that his government would be more inclusive, and break the cycle of revenge and vengeance between Iraqi Shias and Sunnis. But it is still hard to …
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Iran fears Isis militants are part of wider Sunni backlash

Nouri al-Maliki, Iraqi vice-president and as former prime minister widely blamed for alienating Iraq's Sunnis, was recently in Iran to improve what he called “mutual co-operation” against “Takfiri terrorists”. Shia militia leaders in Iraq have been …
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