Islamic State Commanders Liable for Mass War Crimes: UN

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Islamic State Commanders Liable for Mass War Crimes: UN

A separate U.N. report has said 15,000 foreigners have gone to fight in Syria and Iraq. "The commanders of ISIS have acted wilfully, perpetrating these war crimes … They are individually criminally responsible," the report added, saying the group's …
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Marine Hutchins Wants New Charges in Iraq War Crime Tossed

The Marine Corps should not be retrying a sergeant whose murder conviction in a major Iraq war crime case was overturned by the military's highest court after he served half of his 11-year sentence, his defense attorneys say. Civilian defense attorney …
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U.S. Soldier who Considered Fighting in Iraq War a War Crime may Qualify for

Andr√© Shepherd of Cleveland, Ohio, may yet become the first American soldier to gain asylum in Germany. The Army specialist has been trying for seven years to remain in Germany after deserting from the military during the Iraq war. Shepherd enlisted in …
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