Lastest Chemical Exposure In Palestine News

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Construction Concerns: Hazard Communication in Construction

In today's world, hazard communication is no longer a topic that interests only the technicians employed by chemical manufacturers and the hazmat specialists employed by emergency response agencies. The hazard communication … If building records show …

Spraying Cancer on GMOs: Agent Orange's Toxic Chemical 2,4-D to Control

Its new product, Enlist Duo, a formulation with 2,4-D and glyphosate (the chemical in Roundup), is set to be sprayed on GE crops across the country, putting agricultural communities and the surrounding environment at risk of toxic exposure from drift …
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Scientists discover oily 'bathtub ring' the size of Rhode Island while

… leading them to grossly overstate the amount of residual Macondo oil on the sea floor and the geographic area in which it is found." The authors say that while too much time has passed to do a chemical analysis, other signs — including the depth …
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