Lastest Chemical Exposure In Syria News

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Syria used chemical weapons last month: human rights group

According to doctors who treated the victims, the attacks killed at least 11 people. Around 500 more people had symptoms consistent with chlorine exposure. Syria last year agreed with the US and Russia to dispose of its chemical arsenal after hundreds …
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Eliminating Syria's chemical weapons

Chemical weapons technology has moved on somewhat since then and on 21 August 2013, after five apparent practice runs earlier in the year, an estimated 1500 Syrians, mainly civilians including many children, were killed by exposure to the nerve gas …
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OSHA: Workers Are Not Being Protected From Chemical Hazards

As a result, “Many of our chemical exposure standards are dangerously out of date and do not adequately protect workers,” said Michaels, who noted that only 30 PELs out of the more than 500 that exist have been updated. “While we will continue to work …
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