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As battle lines shift in Iraq, Sunnis who welcomed the Islamic State fear

BAGHDAD — A day after breaking through a siege by Islamic State militants on the Shiite town of Amerli, Iraqi forces and pro-government militias on Monday pushed their way into nearby villages they accuse of helping to enforce the months-long blockade.
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UK Muslims face 'worst job discrimination' of any minority: report

The Sunni Islamists stormed through northern Iraq in a 48-hour offensive in June, charging virtually unopposed toward the outskirts of Baghdad, humiliating a U.S.-trained Iraqi army which surrendered both land and weapons as it retreated. By contrast …
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ISIS Militants Hunt Down, Publicly Execute Former Election Candidates

Former election candidates are being hunted down, arrested and publicly executed by ISIS militants in Iraq, according to security officials and local residents. … "ISIS fighters do not care if those candidates are Sunnis or Christians or Shiites …

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