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Reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Qatar: Implications for the War in Syria

The sudden reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Qatar has enormous implications for the War in Syria and beyond, with the potential to divide the Mideast and North Africa between rulers Abdullah and Thani in a more far-reaching way than Sykes and …
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Despite controversy, religious art increasingly popular in Iraq

Even the Iraqi security forces, especially the so-called popular mobilization forces, are hanging these paintings on military vehicles during military parades, at battlefronts and during clashes with the Islamic State (IS), a Sunni militant group that …
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Christians stand fast against ISIL terror in Syria's Aleppo

ISIL terrorists “are not in town but they're not far," he also said, adding that "Christians panicked when they saw what happened to the Christians of Mosul," Iraq's second city, which ISIL captured in June. Thousands of Iraqi Christians were forced …
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