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Islamic State Massacres Stir Unrest Among Iraq Sunni Tribes

After a few months of calm ushered in by a truce between Iraq's Al Jubur tribe and Islamic State, came the curfew and the disappearances. The two groups had battled for control of al-Alam town, north of Baghdad, over several weeks in June. Sunni tribal …
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Death toll from ISIS' public executions of Iraqi Sunni tribesmen passes 200

BAGHDAD – An Iraqi official and a Sunni tribal leader say Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants have shot dead 36 Sunni tribesmen, women and children, pushing the total number of people killed by the group's apparent drive to punish the tribe in …
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Film traces how Nouri al-Maliki's treatment of Iraqi Sunnis helped ISIS get

The pressure the Maliki government was exerting on the Sunnis resulted in major demonstrations. Tens of thousands of Sunnis in various parts of Iraq gathered daily to protest Maliki and his government. Then in April 2013, government forces clashed with …
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