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US Airstrikes Against ISIS Have Hurt Moderate Rebels

In principle, building a ground force against ISIS using Sunni forces that are hostile to the group is the right idea, but the U.S. is fighting the air campaign and the rebels have nothing to do with it. We aren't coordinating with them, or informing …
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US Military Conducts 41 Airstrikes Against ISIS over Weekend

Stocktrek Images/Thinkstock(TAMPA, Fla.) — The U.S. military continued its attack against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) targets in Iraq and Syria, launching 41 airstrikes between last Friday and Monday. According to U.S. Central Command …
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Canada Launches First Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq

Canadian fighter plans launched their first airstrikes against ISIS since joining the U.S.-led coalition against the militants, Canada's defense minister said in a statement. Canada is reeling from two separate apparent terror attacks on Canadian …

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