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Khorasan group back in US crosshairs as air strikes hit non-Isis targets in Syria

All but a single strike thus far have targeted Isis – the 22 September missile barrage against Khorasan near Aleppo – and none have gone after the Nusra Front, which US intelligence officials had described early in 2014 as a greater threat than Isis.
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US-led air strikes against Isis in Syria 'killed 10 civilians'

Also on Saturday, US-led coalition jets struck suspected Islamic State (Isis) targets at least twice around the besieged Syrian town of Kobani, after fierce shelling by the insurgents hit the town centre. Shelling continued after the strikes, according …
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US-led air strikes against ISIS intensify near Turkey

It was the largest number of air strikes on Kobani since the U.S.-led campaign in Syria began last month, the Pentagon said. The White House said the impact was constrained by the absence of forces on the ground but that evidence so far showed its …
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