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More Than 600 Reported Chemical Exposure in Iraq, Pentagon Acknowledges

The Pentagon's disclosure abruptly changed the scale and potential costs of the United States' encounters with abandoned chemical weapons during the occupation of Iraq, episodes the military had for more than a decade kept from view. This previously …
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Fears that US weapons will fall into al-Qaeda's hands as Syrian rebels defect

It was reported that Jabhat al-Nusra were able to capture weapons originally supplied by the West and its allies. The failure of the United States to supply substantial weapons despite offering the opposition moral backing in its war against President …

Costly US nuclear arms revamp, tight cash call for tough choices

He noted that many U.S. nuclear weapons systems were built in the Reagan era three decades ago and Washington has not invested heavily in them since then. But while the cost is huge, it is a fraction of the Pentagon's spending, he said, with the annual …
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