Lastest War Crimes In Iraq News

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America's War Crime in Iraq

The depiction of George W. Bush as the villain of bad judgment and lies is certainly true, but America's violence and commission of war crimes should be the central issue when Iraq is discussed so that Democratic Party imperialists aren't permitted to …
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Is Turkey Serving Up Assad For Thanksgiving?

It could easily be argued that Syrian President Bashar al Assad is just as bad as any terrorist and even before the course of the civil war and his war crimes that followed, there were more human rights abuses than one could count in the terror state …
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Holly Hunter on Her Theater Roots & Leading David Rabe's Cathartic Vietnam

Holly Hunter's film and television career is packed with memorable roles, but she's also a stage veteran—in fact, the Coen Brothers wrote her part in Raising Arizona after seeing her in Crimes of the Heart on Broadway in 1981. The Oscar and Emmy …

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