Mideast updates

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Mideast updates

But he stressed that many Muslims are opposed to the terrorist group for the crimes it has committed in enforcing its ideology, which likely amount to genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The Islamic State group first took control of parts …
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Iraq retake Baiji

Meanwhile, the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria released its first report focused squarely on ISIS crimes, presenting a horrifying picture of what life is like in areas controlled by the extremist jihadists, including massacres, beheadings, torture …
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Amid 'Monstrous' Violence, ISIL Aims to Tear Iraq Apart, Build 'State of

“Their goals are also clear – to destroy the Iraqi State and replace it with a 'State of Terror' built on genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.” Such a “State of Terror” governed by ISIL and spanning the territory of Iraq and neighbouring …
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