The ghosts of Iraq

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The ghosts of Iraq

Seeing is believing Jobar, Syria, April 16, 2013. On the frontlines of Jobar, a suburb of Damascus, Free Syrian Army rebels treat their exposure to chemical weapons used by the Assad regime with eye drops of prednisolone acetate, an anti-imflammatory drug.
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Obama, Kerry: No U.S. troops will go into combat against ISIS in Iran, Syria

Speaking at U.S. Central Command in Florida, Obama said again that U.S. troops “do not and will not have a combat mission” in Iraq against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. “After a decade of massive ground deployments, it is more effective to use …
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Coming Soon to Iraq — Thousands of Chemical Warfare Suits

Islamic State has chemical weapons, but how much is both a big fear and also a bit of a mystery. There have been several engagements involving Islamic State fighters in both Iraq and Syria that included chemical weapons use. The result is that American …
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