U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Gun Grab To Take Effect Dec. 24

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U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Gun Grab To Take Effect Dec. 24

As the Heritage Foundation notes, imported firearms, considered part of the "arms trade" to be regulated, constitute about 35% of the new firearms market in the U.S. This would subject private American gun owners to the provisions of the treaty …
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Fearing Bombs That Can Pick Whom to Kill

Weapons manufacturers in the United States were the first to develop advanced autonomous weapons. An early version of the Tomahawk cruise missile had the ability to hunt for Soviet ships over the horizon without direct human control. It was withdrawn …
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Congress: Military Left Out of Space Arms Control Talks

The State Department is pursuing space arms control agreements without formal coordination at the Pentagon, and two members of Congress warned yesterday that such an accord would undermine U.S. national security. Rep. Doug Lamborn (R., Col.) …
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