US forces start training Iraqi troops

Posted on Nov 17 2014 - 8:57am by admin

US forces start training Iraqi troops

The American forces' presence in Anbar is part of a plan to expand the US mission in Iraq, with the goal of fighting the ISIL. The expansion is taking place sooner than what had been announced. Dempsey arrived in Baghdad on Saturday on an unannounced …
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Gen. Martin Dempsey Opens Door to Combat Role for US Forces in Iraq

Gen. Martin Dempsey, the nation's highest-ranking general, said Thursday that he is considering recommending that American troops fight alongside Iraqi forces to retake the city of Mosul or border areas with Syria from ISIS militants. Sending U.S …

General: Military Considering 'Modest' U.S. Ground Force to Fight ISIS in Iraq

“There are some places along the path that I think will be fairly complex terrain for [the Iraqi forces] including for example Mosul and eventually as they need to restore the border between Iraq and Syria,” Gen. Martin Dempsey, the top U.S. military …
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Gen. Dempsey Tells Troops in Iraq Battle Against ISIS 'Starting to Turn'

Obama last week authorized roughly doubling the number of American ground forces in Iraq as the military expands the reach of its advisers after slowing the militants' advances with U.S. airstrikes. Dempsey told the troops the U.S. military had helped …

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