US, Turkey still not in sync on Syria

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US, Turkey still not in sync on Syria

A look at the strange path of Abu Shakr, a 36-year-old who joined al-Qaida out of anger over treatment of Iraq's Sunnis and rose in the group as it transformed into the extremist juggernaut now called the Islamic State. He became an informant against …
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Fellowship brings younger generation closer to Shia Muslim faith

Shia are estimated to make up about 15 percent of the Muslim community worldwide. While smaller in number than the Sunni branch of Islam, Shias are the majority religious group in Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Bahrain.
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Assad: To crush ISIS, cooperation needed

Islamist militants have shot dead 25 people from the Albunimr tribe in the Sunni-stronghold province of Anbar in Iraq, sources told Al Arabiya News Channel on Saturday. Other security and tribal sources said militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and …
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Could army raids in Lebanon strum up support for ISIS?

Given current pre-occupations in Syria and Iraq such a plan is unlikely to be at the forefront of ISIS central command's agenda however the appearance of such stories in local media has created palpable public tension, that in some ways has vindicated …
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